Monday, May 14, 2007

Davy Jones crew character design challenge

Sup wow first pic posted on my blog. Now that the intro is done blah blah, lets get to the main interest..the pics. Basically i was watching pirates of the carribean dead man's chest and looking at new character concepts of davy jones' crew for the 3rd movie. I was inspired by all the designs and i decided to challenge myself and create a character for davy jones' crew. I'm still thinking on how i'm gonna color it, either the usual cell style or painterly, i'm still thinking about wat color to use as well.

so here it is, i would see myself a manta ray, huge back that fuses into head, giving him a small neck. Mostly like this guy would be responcible for pulling the anchor up and help releasing the kraken.

:Backstory: Mr. Brown(Manta)Son of an Irish sailor in the Royal Navy and the mother of a Jamaican barmaid, raised with strict discipline he grew up with a huge chip on his shoulder and devoid of any emotion. Being raised as a perfectionist he was the perfect sailor until he met his wife and settled down and had a child in nassau. He found what was missing in his life, perfectly happy until he found her cheating with his captain. He bottled his rage until one night at see during a hurricane he decided to confront his captain, during the scuffle he was tossed overboard and was picked up by davy jones and chose to serve him. So now the stone heart behemoth sails the seas hope one day to run into his former ship and take his revenge. His price for choosing servitude...never seeing his son.

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