Friday, June 1, 2007

Pin UPS!!!!!!!!!

Sup, since i got laid off by animagic 8( had alot of time on my hands while looking for work soooo i gave myself a great 4 day break from the world on memorial day weekend and recharged my mental, physical, and creative energy...not to mention all the stress soooo, ive been firing out illustrations character rotations and 99% of my characters for my comic, I'M ON THA BALL BABY!!!! GOTTA KEEP IT ROLLIN!!!! LOL.

This one is an orignal (copyright Robert Crump 2007) lol...Right now he doesnt have a name but i really like this character, i'm still coming up with his backstory and a story for him, maybe like a short 5 issue concept hmmmm. we will see, I plan to draw the BG in photoshop. Cant wait to color it.

This one is a pinup of a character from saw the cover of thier book which had these graf-ninjas thought this one was done, so i decided to draw him as a gift to them and respect for wat thier doin.

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