Monday, August 13, 2007

CRump in LA, Workin with the Blokhedz

Sup yup, alot of my friends and fam already know i'm out in LA for a month. I came out here not only to get my name out and look for leads and check out the LA scene but to also help out my boys Mark and Mike (The Madtwinz) and the imajimation crew. I wish i could say wat i'm doin BUT i cant, all i can say is that i'm having a hell of a time out here workin at imajimation studio getting mad inspired workin here. Workin on a big project and learning some new coloring trix and getting a stronger understanding of visual effects and photoshop. Building up my arsenal, thats wat being an artist is all about learning new techniques and styles. Havin tooooo much fun man. Hopefully i'll find something. This 75 degree weather is spoiling me man, luvin santa monica the most. I heard mother nature hit nyc with a baseball bat. Damn floods and a TORNADO in brooklyn?!?! man looks like i left at the right time. Sorry i dont have any new sketches or pin ups this week. hopefully next week.

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