Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Apple Comic-Con

Sup people, This weekend was amazing, met some great artists, great energy, got some great reactions from people checking out my work and my book. I wanna thank everyone who stopped by checked out my work and bought my work. Friday was a bit rough but saturday and sunday I was sketching like a madman. Here goes 3 I did on friday just to pass the time during the slow start.


Michael said...

Hey Rob - It's Mike Lapinski. Killer work at the Con. It was cool hooking up with you and I just bought your sketchbook on LuLu.

I should have bought it in person but my girlfriend would have killed me if I brought home another thing to pack for our move this weekend.


Pete said...

Now those look familiar... *grin*

Great meeting you this weekend. See you at the next gig!


crump said...

Thanks for getting the book Mike. LOL I understand. Packing and moving is a pain the ass.

crump said...

It was great meeting you to Pete, It was fun drawing next ya! See ya at the next con!

Brendan said...

Sick sketches, I am currently saving up for your book now haha. The Kratos piece you did is beyond vicious