Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Custom Paint jobs

Woke up today with a killer stomach virus, and man its has been killin me all day. So since i know i wasnt gonna even try and go out or even try and ink characters,I decided to finally paint my money fist figure i got at new york comic-con. It was produced and designed by Danny Kimanyen I bought the all white one. Painted it with acrylics and all my strength to keep the brush steady lol, did my best, first time painting vinyl. had alot of fun it helped clear my head but not my illness lol. wat do you thinkAlready know i need more practice lol.

I think as soon as i get another studio gig, i'm gonna do a white and black Munny, that new munny car at kidrobot and like 3 skate decks.

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