Monday, July 16, 2007

Rough Character rotations

Sup back again with more personal work...their self explanatory blah blah Basically the dog rotation was just for practice and fun, took 4 hours cuz of the damn hair lol. i'm actually thinking of sculpting him out of super sculpty(forgive my spelling) since he is a simple shape could be fun but at the same time may look weird being 3d. well thats art..its either a hit or miss.

The other a rotation of DIck cheney. It was an initial design for a pilot i was doin with this guy Joe Lipari Very funny and truthful guy. out of respect for him and his project i cant and wont say anymore about it. Due to an opportunity i waited and wanted since i was 13 years old, i had to pull out of this one. i really want to come back to this and develope it more in the future, keep fingers crossed.

I plan to ink, color, and do a walk cycle in flash. since i need to polish my animation and drawing skills in flash. enjoy

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