Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Nate the Great"

Here goes some BG's i colored at animagic, great place to work for a crazy, fun and creative group. Too bad the project didnt last 8(. enjoy. All BG's are copyright 2007 animagic/creative group. More to come


Marq Moz said...

I'm working on an Animated Urban Fairy Tale for a Senior Project at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I'm curious as to what animagic used to create these backgrounds. Were they hand drawn and then colored using photoshop? Or were they created using vectors (flash or illustrator) and then colored using photoshop/illustrator/painter? I'm very interested in your work. I absolutely love it.

Crump!!! said...

Nah, no flash or illustrator, The BG's for nate the great were drawn by a background artist then I colored them with photoshop. you wouldn't need illustrator for this style, unless you want it to look very very clean edges and bold shadows and highlights. And creating backgrounds and coloring them in flash makes no sense to me, for one fact that the newest versions of flash are horrible for drawing, and it is very limited when it comes to coloring a back ground. Flash is only good for animating. In my opinion. If i was you i would stick to photoshop bro.